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Language Courses

Cultural Briefing

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Our classes are very active, enhancing the child’s language, numeracy, physical and creative development while increasing their knowledge and understanding of the world


Language programmes cater for different age groups in small classes.

The lessons take place weekly and the year is divided into three school terms.


Different classes take place every week, especially adapted to the language development of the age group.


With our team, each lesson is carefully planned in great detail. Our teachers are carefully selected and trained. All our tutors are fully insured and there are internal policies to ensure children’s welfare, available on request. All our tutors are DBS checked.

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3 to 4 year olds

French with Viens Jouer avec Matou et Tounette

Spanish with Ven a jugar con Milo y Mapi

We teach adults and children together in small classes (Max. 8) Our objective is that you and your child learn French together making the lesson an enjoyable experience to share with your little one.


Our programme uses the famous La Jolie Ronde Methodology. We include singing, movement, puppets and pop up stories, with plenty of finger rhymes and craft.



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5 to 7 year olds

French with Les Aventures de Minou et Trottine

Spanish with Las Aventuras de Mifu y Tina

Children continue to enjoy French throughout a two-year course. This course is a tremendous treasure trove of games and activities with lots of games to choose from. CILT commented that the course is  ”Suitable for use with Key Stage 1 beginners. This resource presents a programme of structured, creative and enjoyable activities, built around story telling techniques and taking full account of varied learning styles, within the context of passing seasons.” (max. 10 pupils)

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Juniors- 8 to 11 year olds

French with Les P’tits Loups  & Spanish with Hola Los Amigos

The children learn orally first, reading and writing are postponed until confident oral activities have been performed and are established. Children start learning with the Programme 'Salut Céline et Antoine'. At the end they will have learnt core vocabulary, expressing themselves in short sentences and responding to questions. They will have been introduced to some grammar with fun and be able to develop short conversations.


They will then move on to ‘Bonjour La France’ where their core vocabulary is extended. At the end they will be introduced to role-plays and learn how to recycle words and phrases to produce their own sketches. Their writing will be extended to sentence level and they will have been introduced to further grammar.


(max. 10 pupils)



“I enjoy learning about French Celebrations like Easter! I like knowing how people from different countries do things if it is either different or similar to us”

- Juliette Yr 6

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Term Dates & Fees


Term Dates & Fees

South Manchester


Incredible! My children are having a great time learning new Spanish words and expressions. Thank you for this great opporunity. - Mrs Elliott

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Baby & Toddler

for 0 to 3 years

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You are never too young to learn French or Spanish. The younger you start, the better.

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