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“The lesson materials are well constructed, informative, imaginative and fun.”

- Parent

Naturally French & Spanish

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Why learn foreign languages at a young age?

Being better at English grammar

Being more confident

Having better memory skills

Getting a head start for secondary school

Having more fun while on holiday in France

Opening their minds to the world around them


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¡Hola los Amigos!

Children have the ability to learn French or Spanish quickly and effortlessly with both immediate and long-term benefits enriching their overall mental development. Children have no inhibition and learn a second language naturally; after all it’s not long since they learnt their mother tongue!


At Naturally French & Spanish we aim to make our classes an enjoyable experience for your child, one which motivates and inspires their enthusiasm for the language. For the last 17 years we have successfully run La Jolie Ronde Classes in Yorkshire and Cheshire. We’re convinced that La Jolie Ronde offers the most successful educational French/Spanish programme worldwide. It is a proven method with a solid underlying structure that enables children to progress year after year.


What happens during the lesson? The structure of each lesson involves repetition and reinforcement in order to build confidence, as new vocabulary is progressively introduced. Each session is varied with songs, games, stories and role-plays, with drama for the older ones. Whilst having fun they also follow planned lesson structures that offer continuity and progression, year after year in our small classes (max. 10 pupils).


Children will also be exposed to another culture by celebrating many French/Spanish customs with parties and food!


We look forward to meeting your child and hope that they will enjoy their French Learning Experience with us! A Bientôt! ¡Hasta Luego!


Research shows that learning and being exposed to another modern language at an early age has numerous advantages for the children, these include: